How to Find the Right Job Teaching English

So many people these days are looking into working abroad as an English teacher and why not, it is a great opportunity to both make money and travel the world. But beware there are so many rip off English companies all over the world and I know, I have worked for a few.

With the high demand of English education in the world right now many companies are always looking for new teachers. Many of these English companies are scams, both for you and your students watch out.

Now here is your guide to finding the right job teaching English:

1. Pick the right country and I will give you one hint Japan. Many people always ask me why Japan? The answer is very simple of all the Asian countries Japan has some of the best advantages. For example, very safe country, the Japanese yen is usually stronger or even with North American dollars and thousands of things to do and see from castles to electronics.

2. Research the company well before you even apply for the job.

3. During the interview, make aulas de inglês particulares sure to find out what kind of training the company offers new teachers. Many companies will promise the world and then just throw you into your first English lesson after their complete 1 day training course. This has also happen to me before and it is unbelievable.

4. Make sure you are getting paid well, the going rate per month for an English teach in Japan is about

250, 000 – 300 000 yen plus many companies will pay for your transportation expenses and offer yearly bonuses.

5. Surf the web and dig for dirt.

There are tons of English companies in Japan always looking for new teachers. To anyone looking for the right job teaching English the first and best choice is the JET program, Japan English Teachers. Becoming a Jet is quite difficult because of the fact that you will not be working for a private company, but for the Japanese government. I wish everyone the best of luck in their job hunt and remember to be careful to where you go and which English company you sign with.

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